Design and supply of special cables

Customised, just-in-time cables for every application.

La sede

We have been manufacturing special cables for a variety of industries since 1981.

Thanks to a well-established method and a wide range of products, we are a strategic partner that can provide technological support and optimise production.
We constantly innovate our cables to find solutions that meet ever-changing quality and safety standards.

Single-core and multi-core high temperature cables

Special electric cables with red copper, tinned copper, nickel-plated copper and pure nickel conductors, single and multicore, made of fireproof materials to resist temperatures up to 700°C.

Compensating and extension cables

Signal cables for temperature measurement, made of multiple alloys and insulated with technical materials such as PVC, silicone rubber, standard and special glass fiber. We provide shielded and/or armoured cables to be used in environments with magnetic fields or interference.

Tailor made cables

We design and manufacture customised cables that combine different specifications, dimensions, and materials to meet specialised application needs.

Research and development
Preliminary advice
Analysis and design
Just-in-time warehouse
Research and development

Through a constant research and development process we create innovative cables to meet the high quality and safety standards of many industries.

Preliminary advice

Based on customers’ needs and on the provided data, we find the best solution for their requirements and we recommend the most suitable products for their production process or their application.

Analysis and design

We analyse the requirements to design the ideal solution, also through a reverse engineering process.We can supply customised batches for specific production needs.

Just-in-time warehouse

We offer a wide range of just-in-time cables to ensure a scheduled supply and meet promptly any further demands that may arise. We can interface with our clients’ project management software to offer a kanban service and just-in-time deliveries.

Extrusion and injection of plastic and rubber
Recycling of plastic
Heat treatments
Industrial furnaces
Medical sector
Household appliances and hotplates
Glass industry
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