Caviterm , operating since 1981 in Iseo Lake area, has emerged over time as the Italian leader in special high temperature cables insulated with p.t.f.e. tape, mica tape and fiberglass. The range of products is including single-core and multicore cables with red copper , tin plated copper, nickel-plated copper and pure nickel conductor. We also produce thermocouple cables (J,K,T,B,S,N,E) and sleeves. Thanks to the continuous support to customers, the consolidated synergies and the growing need to satisfy all the customers' requests in a business partnering approach, Caviterm has been able to create so far more than 1.000 special cables in addition to standard production.


Caviterm, initially located in a shed of 150 sq.m., was founded in 1981 in Sale Marasino, from the idea of the two founding members, Mr. Fettolini and Mr. Pedrocchi. As a contractor, the company started a fruitful collaboration with leading Italian manufacturers of extruded silicone rubber cables. In particular, braids of fiberglass or polyester impregnated are realized to improve both mechanical strength and high temperatures resistance.
The business volume growth makes Caviterm understand the crucial role the company is acquiring not only as a contractor but especially as a business partner for the customer: to satisfy the requests coming from the market, Caviterm structures a R&D process related to PTFE insulated cables and glass fiber wires which can withstand higher and higher temperatures. Collaborations with electrical heating elements manufacturers start in this period.

In 1989 the production site is moved to Iseo in a shed of 400 sq.m. New specialized resources are hired to increase production quality and innovative production processes are implemented in order to satisfy the specific needs of a growing customer platform. In this period, Caviterm standardizes production process of insulated fiberglass conductors with pure nickel and nickel-plated copper (resistance up to 320°C).
The production of first compensated cables for thermocouples and resistance thermometers is introduced in the daily production activity in these years.

In 1992, just after a couple of years from the initial moving, the production site has to be expanded to a 1900 sq.m. site, arranged over 3 levels, to face the continuous business growth.

2002 ISO 9001 Certification

In 2012 Caviterm is moving to Provaglio d'Iseo, in the new production site built up on company's needs. Covering an overall area of 7500 sq.m., the new 3600 sq.m. shed is furnished with all the modern technologies and it is also built respecting the new environment rules. In this new site, thanks to a renewed and improved industrial layout, logistic and production processes are optimized and streamlined, increasing the overall efficiency.
Investment in research and development give the opportunity to Caviterm in realizing cables resistant to 700°C and to have partnerships with the leading manufacturers of electric heaters and thermocouples at European level.

Next steps. The growing exposure to Northern Europe countries (especially Germany and Austria) is bringing Caviterm to develop new strategies of business internationalization. The interface to a wider audience and the international competition bring Caviterm to develop new manufacturing strategies focused on customer continuous support. Future goals are the improvement of processes and technologies aimed at creating a long and fruitful partnership with clients, in order to meet their needs and support their development.